TF_13: [GRAS] is constructed with following sub-families.

TF IDSub-family name
TF_13_3Repressor of ga-1
TF_13_5Gibberelin Insensitive

All members in TF_13

Gene ID TF family ID Gene Name
At3g54220 TF_13_2 SCARECROW1
At5g48150 TF_13_4 SCARECROW gene regulator-like
At5g17490 TF_13_3 RGA-like protein
At3g03450 TF_13_3 RGA1-like protein
At1g14920 TF_13_3 signal response protein (GAI)
At2g01570 TF_13_3 putative RGA1, giberellin repsonse modulation protein
At1g66350 TF_13_3 gibberellin regulatory protein, putative
At4g37650 TF_13_1 SHORT-ROOT (SHR)
At1g50600 TF_13_4 scarecrow-like 5 (SCL5)
At2g04890 TF_13_4 putative SCARECROW gene regulator
At1g21450 TF_13_4 scarecrow-like 1 (SCL1)
At5g59450 TF_13_2 putative SCARECROW transcriptional regulatory protein ...
At1g07530 TF_13_2 transcription factor scarecrow-like 14, putative
At2g29060 TF_13_2 putative SCARECROW gene regulator
At3g46600 TF_13_2 scarecrow-like protein
At5g41920 TF_13_2 SCARECROW gene regulator-like protein
At1g50420 TF_13_2 scarecrow 3 -like protein
At2g37650 TF_13_4 scarecrow-like 9 (SCL9)
At1g07520 TF_13_1 transcription factor scarecrow-like 14, putative
At1g63100 TF_13_2 transcription factor SCARECROW, putative
At5g66770 TF_13_2 SCARECROW gene regulator
At5g52510 TF_13_3 scarecrow-like 8 (SCL8)
At4g17230 TF_13_4 scarecrow-like 13 (SCL13)
At3g50650 TF_13_2 scarecrow-like 7 (SCL7)
At1g55580 TF_13_2 hypothetical protein
At4g08250 TF_13_4 putative protein
At3g49950 TF_13_1 putative protein
At4g00150 TF_13_2 scarecrow-like 6 (SCL6)
At2g45160 TF_13_2 putative SCARECROW gene regulator
At4g36710 TF_13_2 SCARECROW-like protein
At3g60630 TF_13_2 scarecrow - like protein
At3g13840 TF_13_1 hypothetical protein