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Super Family:WRKY(Zn)
Sub Family:
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Gene codeGene name ScoreE-value RAFLTransposon Mutants Microarray Genome map Alternative splicing check result
At1g13960 WRKY DNA-binding protein 4 (WRKY4) 289 2e-78 RAFL MAP o
At2g38470 putative WRKY-type DNA binding protein 289 2e-78 RAFL MAP o
At3g01080 WRKY transcription factor 58 (WRKY58) 288 5e-78 Mutants MAP o
At2g03340 putative WRKY DNA-binding protein 285 4e-77 RAFL MAP o
At4g26640 WRKY transcription factor 20 (WRKY20) 277 1e-74 RAFL Mutants MAP Alternative splicing o
At5g56270 transcription factor NtWRKY4-like 276 1e-74 RAFL MAP o
At4g26440 putative protein 269 2e-72 MAP o
At4g30935 putative protein 263 2e-70 RAFL MAP o
At2g30250 putative WRKY-type DNA binding protein 250 2e-66 RAFL MAP o
At5g07100 SPF1-like protein 246 2e-65 RAFL MAP o
At2g04880 WRKY transcription factor 1 splice variant 1 (WRKY1) 244 1e-64 RAFL MAP o
At4g04450 putative DNA-binding protein 233 1e-61 Mutants MAP o
At4g12020 putative disease resistance protein 230 1e-60 MAP o
At1g62300 transcription factor WRKY6 225 5e-59 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At2g37260 putative WRKY-type DNA binding protein 221 7e-58 MAP o
At4g22070 WRKY transcription factor 31 (WRKY31) 206 2e-53 MAP o
At2g40750 putative protein 199 2e-51 MAP o
At1g68150 putative DNA binding protein 181 1e-45 MAP o
At3g56400 putative DNA-binding protein 174 8e-44 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At1g29860 putative protein 167 1e-41 RAFL MAP o
At4g01720 putative DNA-binding protein 160 2e-39 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At3g04670 unknown protein 159 3e-39 RAFL MAP Alternative splicing o
At5g45050 disease resistance protein-like 158 6e-39 MAP o
At1g18860 WRKY transcription factor 61 (WRKY61) 157 1e-38 Mutants MAP o
At3g62340 WRKY transcription factor 68 (WRKY68) 155 6e-38 Mutants MAP o
At5g41570 putative protein 155 7e-38 RAFL MAP o
At1g66550 WRKY transcription factor 67 (WRKY67) 154 1e-37 MAP o
At1g64000 WRKY DNA binding protein, putative 152 5e-37 MAP o
At4g18170 DNA binding like protein 151 1e-36 RAFL MAP o
At4g39410 putative WRKY DNA-binding protein 149 4e-36 MAP o
At4g31795 WRKY like transcription factor 149 4e-36 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At4g24240 putative DNA-binding protein 148 6e-36 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At5g28650 WRKY transcription factor 74 (WRKY74) 148 6e-36 MAP o
At4g31550 WRKY transcription factor 11 (WRKY11) 148 6e-36 RAFL MAP o
At3g01970 putative WRKY-like transcriptional regulator protein 148 8e-36 RAFL Mutants MAP Alternative splicing o
At2g34830 putative WRKY-type DNA binding protein 146 2e-35 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At2g44745 WRKY transcription factor 12 (WRKY12) 146 3e-35 MAP o
At2g40740 putative WRKY-type DNA binding protein 146 3e-35 MAP o
At5g15130 unknown protein 144 8e-35 RAFL MAP o
At1g66600 putative protein 143 2e-34 Mutants MAP o
At4g01250 putative DNA-binding protein 143 2e-34 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At1g69810 putative protein 142 7e-34 Mutants MAP o
At2g47260 putative WRKY-type DNA binding protein 140 1e-33 RAFL MAP o
At5g46350 putative protein 140 2e-33 RAFL MAP o
At3g58710 WRKY transcription factor 69 (WRKY69) 139 4e-33 RAFL MAP o
At5g49520 unknown protein 139 4e-33 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At5g13080 WRKY-like protein 137 1e-32 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At5g26170 WRKY transcription factor 50 (WRKY50) 137 2e-32 MAP o
At4g23550 WRKY transcription factor 29 (WRKY29) 137 2e-32 Mutants MAP o
At5g24110 unknown protein 136 2e-32 RAFL MAP o
At1g66560 putative protein 135 5e-32 MAP o
At2g24570 WRKY transcription factor 17 (WRKY17) 135 7e-32 RAFL MAP o
At1g30650 putative DNA-binding protein 134 9e-32 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At2g23320 putative WRKY-type DNA-binding protein 134 1e-31 RAFL MAP o
At2g46130 WRKY transcription factor 43 splice variant one (WRKY43) 134 2e-31 RAFL MAP o
At2g30590 unknown protein 134 2e-31 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At1g29280 WRKY transcription factor 65 (WRKY65) 132 6e-31 Mutants MAP o
At4g11070 WRKY transcription factor 41 (WRKY41) 131 1e-30 Mutants MAP o
At1g69310 putative WRKY transcription factor 130 2e-30 MAP o
At1g80840 transcription factor like protein 130 2e-30 RAFL Mutants MAP Alternative splicing o
At5g22570 WRKY transcription factor 38 (WRKY38) 129 3e-30 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At4g23810 putative protein 129 3e-30 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At5g52830 unknown protein 129 5e-30 RAFL MAP o
At1g80590 hypothetical protein 129 6e-30 Mutants MAP o
At5g45270 unknown protein 121 8e-28 RAFL Mutants MAP Alternative splicing o
At5g64811 WRKY transcription factor 51 (WRKY51) 121 9e-28 MAP o
At2g46400 putative WRKY-type DNA binding protein 119 3e-27 RAFL Mutants MAP o
At1g55600 putative protein 115 4e-26 Mutants MAP o
At2g21900 putative WRKY-type DNA binding protein 115 9e-26 MAP o
At5g43290 putative protein 113 2e-25 RAFL MAP o
At5g01900 WRKY DNA-binding protein 62 (WRKY62) 110 2e-24 Mutants MAP o
At2g25000 putative WRKY-type DNA binding protein 109 3e-24 RAFL MAP o
At3g32090 unknown protein 73 3e-13 MAP FP
FP: Did not dealt in recent review(s). It may be false positive of PSI-BLAST search. (This record is not included in total number of TF.)

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